21st Century Revolution.


So I started these illustrations in my sketch book where I drew them and then went over them in fine liner.

These first images are the original scans into the photocopier where they are very grainy and not very smooth lines like I wanted.

I then took them onto a surface pro where I used sketch pro and used layers to have the image on with the opacity down and then I went over all the lines to the best of my ability to make them smooth and defined.

After this I took them into photoshop where I cleaned them up and made them thicker, I also added @ in the eyes of the teenager and also real lyfe into the virtual reality headset of my last image because that is what virtual reality is supposed to simulate, I also spelt life wrong because young people grow up using slang terms online and I think this grows with them.

My idea with these illustrations is to show a character move through life with technology and show the negative effects that come with this.

Artists that inspired me…

Rubberninja (Ross O’donovan)


Egoraptor (Arin Hanson)


Mike Burton 

Steven Harrington 


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