21st Century Revolution.

Backgrounds / Experimentation.

My main idea was to create some psychedelic/ hypnotic backgrounds to with many colours to simulate the hypnotic effects of technology but I wanted to experiment with different techniques of how I was going to make these background and then I would add my illustrations on top of the backgrounds.


I decided to use pastels onto black card because this really pushes out the colour because of the contrast, I had a clear idea of the pattern in my head which was going to be waves but then my larger piece started to become more circular which I noted and learned from when I was going onto the next medium.


For the brusho I used lots of different methods such as different amounts of water and brusho and also looked at the different patterns I could create, I learned that brusho is very hit and miss and decided that I would not be able to get a certain pattern that would stay the shape I wanted.


I decided to use paint onto boards and then use things like masking tape and latex then keep painting layers of each then pealing the latex away to reveal all the other colour but for me this did not work out because the latex made the paint flake when I peaked it away however the making tape peeled off very smooth and left sharp lines of colour.


I cut into paper and layered them over each other so that it gives a nice 3D effect, I did want to use brighter colours and I think the yellow looks too light which makes it look different from my other backgrounds. 


I this these are my favourite backgrounds and they capture the shape that I want to use aswell, I drew this design in my sketch book at first and then created it again in sharpie on a larger piece of paper, I wanted to do this because I wanted to take this design further into my project, I decided that the lines of the sharpie really ruined the pattern and decided that I would take this design but find another way to create it maybe using a computer software like Adobe photoshop or illustrator.


This was my favourite technique to use because it was really enjoyable to do, I used marbling inks into a tray of water and then dipped sheets of paper into it and then the sheet is dyed on that side, I did this process about 30 – 50 times and got a different outcome each time as you can see some are red, some are green and some are more yellow, again like the he brusho I think that this process is very hit and miss and I don’t thehehinkhink I would ever be able to get one that I am happy with for my illustrations.

Even when deciding this I still wanted to try to see what they looked like so I printed my illustrations and then did this process with them and these are the best one of each illustration as I did 5 for each illustration, I found that this didn’t work as well as I wanted it to as the other patterns I got before that were alot better.

In the end I decided to move onto doing my backgrounds digitally as I felt I could define them and have them the way I wanted, I also wanted to create them digitally so that I can make different ones for each image and customizer them and also do this while I edit the illustrations which would kill two birds with one stone.

Artists that inspired me…

Jen Stark.

Lesley Halliwell.

Sergi Delgado. 


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