21st Century Revolution Evaluation


Final Backgrounds.

I started my backgrounds by putting my illustrations into illustrator and turning the opacity down, I then made my shape and placed it into the place I wanted it to be within the illustration, I made my pattern by resizing my original shape by 110% – 120% each time and moving the vectors around until the shape was right and repeated this over and over again in black and white then put the colour in afterwards to make it less time consuming and confusing. 
I then put the backgrounds into photoshop with the illustrations and measured them up to A4 in the middle of the paper making sure they are lined up and then cut the outer edges off that were hanging over.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.40.19Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 14.35.59 2Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.56.25Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.57.51Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.59.16Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 10.59.34Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.00.18


So I started these illustrations in my sketch book where I drew them and then went over them in fine liner.

These first images are the original scans into the photocopier where they are very grainy and not very smooth lines like I wanted.

I then took them onto a surface pro where I used sketch pro and used layers to have the image on with the opacity down and then I went over all the lines to the best of my ability to make them smooth and defined.

After this I took them into photoshop where I cleaned them up and made them thicker, I also added @ in the eyes of the teenager and also real lyfe into the virtual reality headset of my last image because that is what virtual reality is supposed to simulate, I also spelt life wrong because young people grow up using slang terms online and I think this grows with them.

My idea with these illustrations is to show a character move through life with technology and show the negative effects that come with this.

Artists that inspired me…

Rubberninja (Ross O’donovan)


Egoraptor (Arin Hanson)


Mike Burton 

Steven Harrington 

Backgrounds / Experimentation.

My main idea was to create some psychedelic/ hypnotic backgrounds to with many colours to simulate the hypnotic effects of technology but I wanted to experiment with different techniques of how I was going to make these background and then I would add my illustrations on top of the backgrounds.


I decided to use pastels onto black card because this really pushes out the colour because of the contrast, I had a clear idea of the pattern in my head which was going to be waves but then my larger piece started to become more circular which I noted and learned from when I was going onto the next medium.


For the brusho I used lots of different methods such as different amounts of water and brusho and also looked at the different patterns I could create, I learned that brusho is very hit and miss and decided that I would not be able to get a certain pattern that would stay the shape I wanted.


I decided to use paint onto boards and then use things like masking tape and latex then keep painting layers of each then pealing the latex away to reveal all the other colour but for me this did not work out because the latex made the paint flake when I peaked it away however the making tape peeled off very smooth and left sharp lines of colour.


I cut into paper and layered them over each other so that it gives a nice 3D effect, I did want to use brighter colours and I think the yellow looks too light which makes it look different from my other backgrounds. 


I this these are my favourite backgrounds and they capture the shape that I want to use aswell, I drew this design in my sketch book at first and then created it again in sharpie on a larger piece of paper, I wanted to do this because I wanted to take this design further into my project, I decided that the lines of the sharpie really ruined the pattern and decided that I would take this design but find another way to create it maybe using a computer software like Adobe photoshop or illustrator.


This was my favourite technique to use because it was really enjoyable to do, I used marbling inks into a tray of water and then dipped sheets of paper into it and then the sheet is dyed on that side, I did this process about 30 – 50 times and got a different outcome each time as you can see some are red, some are green and some are more yellow, again like the he brusho I think that this process is very hit and miss and I don’t thehehinkhink I would ever be able to get one that I am happy with for my illustrations.

Even when deciding this I still wanted to try to see what they looked like so I printed my illustrations and then did this process with them and these are the best one of each illustration as I did 5 for each illustration, I found that this didn’t work as well as I wanted it to as the other patterns I got before that were alot better.

In the end I decided to move onto doing my backgrounds digitally as I felt I could define them and have them the way I wanted, I also wanted to create them digitally so that I can make different ones for each image and customizer them and also do this while I edit the illustrations which would kill two birds with one stone.

Artists that inspired me…

Jen Stark.

Lesley Halliwell.

Sergi Delgado. 

London Trip.

We went to London as a group and went to a lot of interesting art galleries and museums while we were there.

These are the some of my favourite pieces from the first gallery we went to, I likes these because they looked very robotic and I thought these pieces best fit my project more than the other ones as they were more traditional paintings.

This was at the Tate Modern and these pieces are by Nam June Park who is apart of the Fluxus movement which I have done research on for this project.

This is the George Condo Collection which is the collection I enjoyed more than anything else in Tate Modern and I think this is because of the style of the pieces, there’s are very random and sketchy and it’s like he’s creating characters within his art, I want to interpret this into my work and create my own character or characters which is why I wanted highlight this artist’s collection. 

Here are some other pete especially from the Tate Modern which I really enjoyed because of the positioning of the work and the way it all fit together well.

This is from the Tate Britain, it’s by an artist called Rachael Maclean and there is some pieces and a short film where she acted every roll, the story is about a girl called data who embodies some kind of Internet signal which people use but she end up in a bad situation where she can’t deliver the data anymore and this sends the people into an uproar, I think that this is a thing that would happen in our society if our Internet and power went down which fits into my project very well because I am looking at how addictive technology is and this shows it in her own way.

These images are from the National Science Museum which shows different old technology and the evaluation of technology which I found interesting.

This pieces were in a little gallery in the middle of a park that we found and I just thought these pieces were really nice and simple.

I think that most of this work has really impacted my own work and changed my ideas for the better and made me think about my own project more but also interpreting things from other people’s work aswell and idea generating from other people’s work, especially work in a gallery because that is the main goal to create something that people want to look at.

Photographs of Technology around my room.

These are some pictures of the technology that I own that I looked at to inspire some of my ideas.

Some pictures of my computer.

Pictures of my play station 4 controller and my friend Lauren playing a game, for the picture of lauren I really wanted to get her playing a game but I wanted it where her silhouette would be in the screen and then everything would be dark but with the stuff I had this couldn’t be done. 

I think that my ideas that I am trying to get across here are alittle scrambled and I know what I want to get across to people but I don’t think this shows it as well as it is pictured in my head.


Initial Research and Ideas.

My initial ideas were to go forward with technology but I did not know what I wanted to present or the point I was going to get across so I looked at many different ideas.

The first point that was given to me in one of the peer discussions was the Japanese and Chinese with their advanced technology so I looked into the robotics that they have and also things like the Japanese toilet which are electronical and have cleaning systems. 

I also looked into fantasy artificial girlfriends which are a big thing in Japan which are games that people can play which gives them a virtual girlfriend.

 Next I made a mood board that had some of the previous things, so I looked at designing your own dream person using collages of magazines and also my own drawing, I also looked at the style of Japanese manga which seems to attract people more than something real.

Next I explored my own ideas about the subject and came up with some initial ideas of some pieces that I could include in my project which is to do with how technology is an obsession and really addictive from a young age where people over use it and how society has changed dramatically in such a short amount of time.


3D Workshops.

 We had a few 3D workshops where we were to create something related to our project but in 3D which is not my speciality.

I had no idea where to go with 3D and I did not want to attempt to make a sculpture straight away so I decided to add 3D aspects to a drawing. I wanted my project to go into the theme technology because this is what I am interested in so I decided to draw out a female face and then add these 3D features around the face such as screws and chains which was wanting to look like she was a cyborg or something mixed between human and machine.

 I then went onto try to create something 3D but not as a finished piece but a maquette, I used paper and card to create this which is supposed to be a giant keyword saying tech and I thought it could of been something to promote technology or a sign to promote technology.


 I think these activities have helped my project move forward and generate ideas in the area that I want to work in rather than be stuck for ideas this has inspired my ideas further.

Idea generation / Installation.

Before choosing a theme for our project 21st Century Revolution we decided to do some idea generating as a group, we started by creating mind maps with different things related to 21st Century Revolution such as events, people and trends.

After this we took some of our ideas to a room that we covered with paper and split up into groups of 2 where we started drawing and painting on the paper images of our ideas and initial thoughts.

Me and Mike came up with a few ideas which were all very different from each other. We looked at technology, drugs, disasters, pollution, celebrity deaths, space exploration, equal rights and political controversy.

I think that this really impacted my project in a positive way because without this I would not have as much of an idea about this project and in what direction I wanted to move it in.